Reasons Why Car Drifting is So Fascinating: A blog about car drifting and all the stuff you don’t know.

Reasons Why Car Drifting is So Fascinating: A blog about car drifting and all the stuff you don’t know.

Drifting, a sport that originated from Japan in which a driver overpowers his vehicle while maintaining a high-speed cornering control is a form of automotive action sport. It is more complex than regular rally racing or autocross racing because of the intricacy of its tactics and techniques.

Drifting creates a dance-like movement as the driver challenges the vehicle to drift by intentionally losing traction. Drivers drift in two different ways: either by entering a corner with too much power and oversteering, or by powering out of a corner with little steering input. In the first method, the driver must control the oversteer as he tightens his line, much like a skier or motorcycle rider. In the second way, the driver controls understeer

Drifting is also one of the most captivating spectator sports around. It’s fun to watch, and it’s also very easy to understand, even if you’ve never seen it before. If you haven’t watched the videos above, go check them out—I guarantee they’ll be worth your time. But once you do, you might still be wondering: why is drifting so fascinating? The experience of drifting is often called a “Zen-like” experience, and we don’t think there’s any better way to describe it. It is freeing and relaxing—albeit a bit dangerous and always intense. For those interested in car drifting, it can be an amazing hobby that can last a lifetime. You might not ever become the next Takashi Kogure or Daigo Saito, but that’s okay—the experience of drifting is one that you can still enjoy even if you never turn pro.

Quite simply, the reason behind the excitement of drifting is the momentum and control made possible through drifting. Drifting is one of the most exciting sports because it's so intense. Drivers get to really push their cars hard, cornering them at unbelievable speeds and throwing some serious slides into some corners, and then recover and power out before an accident occurs. At this moment, you can't help but yell or scream like a maniac while experiencing the adrenaline pumping race. So it's no wonder why drifting is regarded as one of the most exciting sports in Japan; it can be viewed as more than just a sport…a way of life.


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