Why Do Cars Have Rear Wing Spoilers? Ford Mustang with Black Spoiler

Why Do Cars Have Rear Wing Spoilers?

What are Rear Wing Spoilers?

Rear wing spoilers are a common feature on the latest cars. This blog post will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to buy one for your car.

A rear wing spoiler is a rear part of the body kit which is attached to the back of the vehicle, and it sticks out behind. They are designed to reduce air drag and increase downforce by improving aerodynamic stability, by reducing pressure on the back of the car.

The main function of a rear wing spoiler is to increase downforce by creating turbulence in air flow at higher speeds. This creates extra pressure on top of the car, which pushes it down while also pushing air downwards, reducing drag.


Now you may say, that's great and all for race cars, but how's that work on the road?


Rear wing spoilers are not just exclusively used on high-performance vehicles. They are also found on many mainstream vehicles. Here are some of the reasons - style, appearance, fuel efficiency, towing capacity and safety.

Aerodynamics is the study of how to reduce air resistance. Rear wing spoilers have been designed to do this for vehicles by increasing airflow over the trunk lid.

Rear wing spoilers are a common modification to improve the aerodynamics of a car. They have been in use since at least the mid-80s and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The rear wing spoiler is a device designed to provide a small but useful increase in downforce on the rear axle by redirecting air flow from beneath the car's body, increasing drag and thereby increasing stability through turns. The result is that rear wing spoilers provide limited but not insignificant benefits for racing performance, particularly under certain conditions. Rear wing spoilers also help high-powered cars get better gas mileage by increasing drag where most needed, because their extra downforce would otherwise increase wind resistance.

Now, we're not saying every car needs a super high performance rear wing spoiler, there are also types that are aesthetically pleasing, affordable and is less invasive on the car's trunk when installing. With pricing ranging from $40-$60 to couple hundreds of dollars, there's plenty of choices to choose from!

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